What is a Custom Defender?

We start each custom Defender with a unique and fully in-depth design meeting with the custom Defender’s new owner. In this process, they hand-select every component of their custom Defender. The custom Defender makes its way from bay to bay, quality controlled as new phases transform the vehicle into its final form as it travels through the Rover Dome. From upholstery to paint in our state-of-the-art paint facility, we’ve ensured that whatever the client has chosen for their vehicle, we can create it.

The ECD Difference

E.C.D. has been in pursuit of being the world’s best Land Rover customization and production facility. Since our start in 2013, we have established a facility geared towards producing the most customized Land Rovers with the highest quality of parts and the highest quality labor force building each vehicle.


Customized Approach to Every Build

We define custom when it comes to our Defenders by our clients’ ability to select every single component of what goes into their true one-of-one custom Defender.