Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Does a Custom Defender cost?

The average pricing for a custom Defender is somewhere between $150,000 and $180,000 depending on base trim, features, and the builder.

Is a Defender a good investment?

A custom Land Rover Defender is a classic and timeless vehicle that retains and exceeds it's value over time, making it an excellent investment choice. Learn more about how your custom Landrover Defender from ECD maintains its value here.

Can I visit the ECD facility?

The Rover Dome is open to the public, as long as an appointment is made at least 24 hours in advance, this allows us to fully accommodate your visit and ensures one of our founders is available for your tour. Call our offices at (407) 483-4825 to make your appointment, you can also schedule an appointment by filling out a contact sheet here.

Do you have any vehicles available for a test drive?

Being a world-class custom Defender builder, we typically always have a vehicle on-site, awaiting test drives. On rare occasions, we have shipped several vehicles at once and may not have one available.

How much does an ECD Defender cost?

The starting pricing for our custom Defenders is $179,995 for a D90, $179,995 for a D110, and $199,995 for a D130. To learn more about trim levels from this base pricing, visit our model page.

Can Defenders be shipped to US Customers?

Our vehicles can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and in most locations internationally. If you would like us to ship internationally, please inquire about international shipping abilities at your initial design appotinment. You may also call our offices to get exact rates for international shipping.

How long does it take to build/restore a Defender?

Our current lead time for a custom Land Rover Defender is 12-14 months. Please inquire with our offices about costs involving an accelerated build-time option.

Do your Defenders and Land Rovers come with AC?

Yes. Each of our custom Land Rovers includes AC as standard. Visit our model page to see what other features come as standard with your vehicle.

How much power can I get into my unique build?

If you're looking for the highest horsepower for your unique vehicle, start with our LT4 Supercharged engine option which can reach up to 650 hp and a torque of 650lbs. Performance and power can further be increased with various suspension, brake, and axle upgrades and engine add-ons. If you prefer power efficiency, look at our exclusive Tesla Direct Drive engine for an electric Land Rover powered to go up to 220 miles on a single charge.

Is a galvanized from available on vehicles?

Yes. We offer galvanized chassis as an option for our custom Defenders.

How many Land Rover builds have you done?

We have completed over 300 custom vehicles.

Is the Electric Defender (Tesla powered) able to charge at superchargers?

Our Tesla-powered Electric Defender and Electric Land Rover vehicles are able to be charged at any of the 25,000+ Tesla charging stations around the country. These stations can even be found at convenient locations including Publix, Target, Winn-Dixie, malls, and shopping centers.

Do you sell Defender parts?

No, we do not sell parts, upholstery, or kits. Any inquiries about parts may go unanswered for this reason.