Introducing the ECD
2nd generation
EV Platform

  • Fast Charge: Charge from 10% to 80% in less than an hour.
  • Creep Mode: Simulates regular automatic transmission
  • Cruise Control: Standard cruise control functionality
  • All-new components: No used Tesla parts, all new warrantied components.
  • Two- or four-wheel drive: Selectable for better range vs better off-road ability.
  • Changeable drive modes: The Sport, Eco, & Normal modes alter throttle responses
  • Interactive touchscreen display: Real-time data for accurate charge and mileage range


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The new and improved E.C.D. EV setup is like no other found in the restomod world today.

Introducing our revolutionary EV drivetrain – no more refurbished Tesla cells! Our brand-new battery setup offers unparalleled efficiency, allowing for a smaller and lighter battery pack. The sleek E-Type is powered by our 42kWh pack, providing a 150-mile range and fast charging to 80% in under an hour. SUV enthusiasts can enjoy our 84kWh setup, delivering a 200-mile range and quick charging capabilities. Enjoy your one of a kind digital infotainment screen aligned with all of the latest inputs from your electric drivetrain. This is an EV made to last and built to impress.


Every ECD EV is completely customized by you. Everything from the exterior to the interior are built one of one with you as the designer.

Three Driving modes for a True One of One Experience

The ECD EV Power System

This is what really puts you in control, three distinct driving modes that allow you to set the pace. Eco mode will be your most efficient, allowing maximum range with a more dampened pedal feel. Normal is as it states, your standard mode, typical pedal feel as any other vehicle, good acceleration and range. Sport is for those that really want to feel the instant torque of the EV platform, a very responsive pedal feel gives ultimate performance, your range will suffer, your smile won’t mind about that though.


  • 0-60 in 4.5 s
  • Selectable 2/4WD Drive
  • Range of 200 mi
  • Touch Screen control center
  • Hill Assist and Brake Regeneration
  • Horsepower of 295 hp (220kW)

*Data taken as average on varied road conditions, driver style & car specifications*

Brand new batteries
and motor

The all-new, and by that we mean brand new,
battery setup no longer relies on refurbished
Tesla cells, but a brand new setup. Highly efficient
brand new batteries means a smaller battery pack
setup is required, reducing the weight of the vehicle.

Our 42kWh pack is perfect for the sleek E-Type, with a 150-mile range and fast charge to top you up to 80% in under an hour. The 84kWh setup will be used in all to a 200-mile range, again with the fast charge to get you back on the road quickly

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