Vintage Range Rover

Mid-Size 4x4 Sports Utility Vehicles

E.C.D. Automotive Design has added the Range Rover Classic to its model lineup, each hand-built to your specifications at our headquarters. A custom RRC is available in three distinct trims; Retro, Custom, and Signature. Each comes with a variety of premium interior and exterior features that take each build to a level of unprecedented luxury. Using the same approach to construct the new RRC’s as we do with our Original Defender, the build process begins with our Luxury Design Experience, a fully immersive experience where each client designs every feature of their vehicle, inside and out.

Build Your Vintage Range Rover Classic

Starting at $249,995

Body Options

Trim Levels

Each and every one of our vehicles are custom built to your exact specifications. Below you will see our model range and trim level for each of our vehicles. After selecting your model and trim level, you will undergo a full design phase with our team to tailor the vehicle to your precise aesthetic specification.


The ECD Custom is an unlimited design that you stamp your individual mark on. You, alongside our design team, will build this vehicle to your precise specification from top to bottom, inside out. As with everything ECD, performance and reliability is core, with our power LS3 engine and 8 speed automatic as standard.

Starting at $249,995

  • Chevrolet 6.2L LS3 V8 Engine
  • 430 BHP
  • 0-60 in 6 Seconds(estimated time)
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